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Furuliden Consulting AB

More than financial solutions – we sort out the legal issues and guide your business journey.

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 Your business partner with a legal mind focused on the company's accounts

With over a decade of experience in accounting, led by Max Anderstedt, Furuliden Consulting specializes in assisting companies facing challenges with their annual report and accounts.  Although Max has been working with accounting since 2011, Furuliden Consulting's current business model has been active for 3 years. During this time, Max and his team have helped countless companies get to grips with their accounting, so they can focus on their core business.


Our service extends beyond just numbers. With a deep understanding of legal issues connected to accounting and bookkeeping, we are ready to provide support through complex situations and tough challenges.


Our vision is clear: to give all entrepreneurs the help they need when they have fallen behind with their accounting function.


Our contact network makes us unique. Thanks to a close collaboration with an accountant, lawyer and a former financial manager, Furuliden Consulting offers a comprehensive solution for all your accounting and legal needs.

Who are we?

At Furuliden Consulting are we more than just a single individual; we are a dynamic and experienced team who together bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in accounting and bookkeeping.


With a solid background in law, auditing and financial strategy, each member of our team brings a unique set of skills that complement eachOther.


What really sets us apart is our collective ability to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients. By combining our individual strengths, we offer an unbeatable combination of insight, understanding and practical knowledge to help businesses navigate their accounting challenges.


Whatever the challenge, Furuliden Consulting is ready to support and guide your business through every step of the accounting process.

Max Anderstedt: A dedicated specialist in annual reports and its legal issues.

With over a decade of experience in accounting, Max Anderstedt has become a reliable and knowledgeable resource in his field. As an important part of Furuliden Consulting, he has assisted many companies in their quest to solve accounting-related challenges, ranging from annual reports to more complex bookkeeping.


Once the working day is over, Max finds relaxation in nature. A pleasant walk in the forest with his two dogs, a beagle and a Labrador, provides a pleasant contrast to the demands of working life. These moments, often shared with the partner, contribute to a much-needed balance in Max's everyday life.

What do we help with?

Here are some of our common topics we help with

  • Compilation of the annual report, which in many cases has been delayed.

    • Legal issues that arise around this.

    • We ensure if there were any obvious errors in previous years that need to be adjusted and regulated according to good accounting practice.

  • Liquidity problems and financing

    • When preparing a delayed annual financial statementin connection with reconciliations, unpaid debts etc. can be discovered. Then we can help guide you to find the right financing.

  • Dialogue with authorities

    • In the event of a possible tax audit, we engage in dialogue with the tax authorities

  • Coaching and support for owners and company management

    • We often come in and help companies that have challenges with their finances. Then we are there as support and can guide in the right direction and help create an action plan.

  • Current accounting

    • We help with ongoing bookkeeping on request.

      • We often help with the bookkeeping needed to be able to compile an annual report.

  • Cleaning up a company's accounts and helping to improve procedures for the company to have a better control and hopefully not be delayed next year.

    Even if what you need help with is not on this list, we can certainly help you in the area anyway.

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